One Word at a Time

AngelInn copy
Jason at The Angel Inn in the Highgate area of London, the pub where members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus used to work on their material while they got piss drunk.

Welcome to my site. Author’s websites are often an eclectic collection of essays/stories/blog posts, pictures of the author (usually in dark tones looking laughingly serious), and links where they shake you down for money. This website is just like that (especially where I shake you down for money), except the part about the pictures. See? I’m wearing flannel, I’m not too serious, and I’m enjoying an excellently poured beer. Please join me. Although I may indulge myself in the occasional bouts of silliness (check out my Twitter feed to the right), I’m serious about writing, and will offer my thoughts on The Process from time to time.

I began writing in elementary school, but I wasn’t any good because, well, I was in elementary school. I wrote in high school, and although the words I produced were still rubbish, I thought my stories were awesome (totally awesome). I wrote in college where one Creative Writing professor did the greatest favor anyone has ever done for me – he told the truth. I stunk. The guy was right, but I didn’t realize that for years. I was too angry. That anger turned into determination, which turned into me working hard to make my writing better. Hmm. Funny how that works. You improve with practice. Too bad the guy’s dead; I’d like to thank him.

I’ve written professionally for a number of years (it’s cool to see checks with your name on them), but I’m still learning about The Process. We all get better with time.